Patience and Timing

I’ve barely left my house in nearly a week. Last Wednesday I had ACL reconstruction surgery and my life has revolved around that since. Going to the bathroom quickly became a half hour excursion where for a little while I would be out of the terrible CPM (continuous passive motion) machine and able to “walk around.” As a fifteen year old girl who had a lot going on in her life, it has been quite the change.

And I haven’t been quick to accept it. No, unfortunately I filled the first few days with complaints. There was always something to complain about: how much my knee hurt, how sick the pain medications made me feel, how much I wanted to get up and walk and play my piano. And I felt like I deserved to be able to complain about whatever I wanted. I didn’t (and to some extent, still don’t) understand what purpose God could possibly have in such a situation. Because I tore my ACL, I had to cancel two trips to see my sisters (I was going to be flying by myself for the first time and getting sister on sister time) as well as drop out of doing my theatre group’s production of West Side Story. It ruined my life- at least that’s what my teenage drama-filled brain thought.  Continue reading