Loose Ends

Last night, most people were glued to their TVs, watching the series finale of Sherlock. I, of course, was one of those people (fear not, I won’t say anything). It was pretty amazing, I have to admit. Don’t worry, this entire post isn’t about Sherlock; I have a point. Anyways, for the past couple of weeks my best friend Sarah has been coming over to my house so we could watch the new episodes together. At the end of last week’s, I switched off the TV and turned to face her. I was met by a look of total confusion.

“How on earth are they going to resolve this in one more episode?” she said. I felt the same way. There were too many loose ends, too many unanswered questions- it seemed impossible that the writers (as genius as they are) could find their way out of that in just one more hour and a half segment. 

But of course, we were proved wrong last night. All of the questions were answered, everything made sense, and it was resolved beautifully. What we thought was a mess too big to clean was managed perfectly.

And I think God can work in that way, too. So often in life I find myself totally lost in the craziness of everything. I end up asking, “God, how can you make this better? How can you make sense out of this?” It seems to be an impossible task. Surely God can’t make good come from giving me a life-long medical condition, or in tearing my ACL. Right? Wrong.

God always has a plan. Always. It’s always a perfect plan. And I’m always left saying, “Of course. I should have trusted you all along.” As brilliant and inventive as Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss may be, God is infinitely more so. He always has a plan to get us out of seemingly hopeless situations. And it’s always a good one.

“And we know that in all things God works together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28


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