Amidst the Mayhem

June is production month. I’m talking about theatre, of course. June is when I drive an hour to the theatre every single day to either have a rehearsal, work the other cast’s rehearsal, have a show, or work a show. Every single day. Except Sundays. It’s kind of insane; fortunately I’m already out of school or else I might drop dead.

Unfortunately, I got a really terrible cold several days ago. First I got a fever (while I was working backstage) and while I suspected it, I didn’t know for sure until I got home. I then broke the fever in ten minutes by trying to sleep under like five blankets. The next day I felt fine, but the day after that I completely lost my voice. I couldn’t say a word. I communicated through sign language and in one specific case, lip reading (there’s an incredibly talented lip reader on my set crew). The day after that the rest of the cold hit me, and it was pretty horrible. And amidst all this I was still going to all my rehearsals.  Continue reading


Finding Time

I have to say, 2017 is beginning to seem a bit daunting. And we’re barely a week in. The end of the previous year for my family was completely full and busy, and I was really looking forward to having some time to just get my stuff together for the new year. Well, I haven’t exactly had that opportunity yet. It seems like everything is rushed and most of my time is being spent focusing on what I need to do next week or next month, rather than in this moment.

Between schoolwork, classes, physical therapy, doctor’s appointments and music lessons (and studying for my permit test of course), I’ve been struggling to take time for myself to relax and reset. But it’s not my everyday schedule that makes the new year seem overwhelming. It’s what’s coming.  Continue reading