I often find myself becoming attached to people I know nothing about. Most of the time this happens at theatre- I see somebody, most likely a lead, and I think, ‘hey, that person’s pretty cool. I want to get to know them.’ So what usually ends up happening is that I start thinking about what it would be like to be this person’s friend, and in the process I end up becoming a little bit terrified of them. I have an unfortunate addiction to people who are seemingly just out of reach.

This ‘out of reach’ quality could be contrived by my brain for any of number of reasons- the person is way more talented than me, they have a larger friend group, or maybe they happen to be a really cute guy (in which case the out of reach quality is multiplied by about 10,000). Anyways, my point is that I always find some reason why this person wouldn’t want to be my friend, and thus I shy away from pursuing a friendship. They’re unapproachable. Or so it seems.  Continue reading


Boy Problems

I’ll admit it- I have had a crush on many a boy in my life so far. Somewhat recently though, there have been a few noteworthy instances. And while they’ve been full of ridiculous teenage drama and probably a lot of hormones, I’ve learned some pretty important lessons from them.

First there was this guy from my church. I was a little head over heels for him, and I made it known to an unfortunate amount of people. Unfortunately, this guy was completely impartial to my existence, even though I go to a very tiny church and he definitely knew who I was. We were on the worship team together. I followed him on Instagram; he never followed me back. I tried to talk to him; he escaped the conversations. So I took drastic action- the wrong kind.  Continue reading